Unique furnishings, services and administration

We provide comprehensive care for your real estate investment. We’ll arrange everything for you so that you have nothing to worry about. Thanks to our experience, professional knowledge and constant care for you apartment, we can resolve any problems with its operation or tenants quickly and easily.


  • Ensuring the equipment package for the apartment
  • Tenant selection, preparation and signing of the rental agreement
  • Ensuring home insurance and liability for damage
  • Handing over the apartment and energy transfer to the tenant
  • Unique online portal YIT PLUS for tenants
  • Wide range of additional services for tenants (for a fee): moving services, car sharing, etc.
  • Apartment repairs and maintenance
  • Warranty service
  • Nonstop service and fast assistance in case of unexpected events


  • Checking the rent payment, regular check of the apartment condition
  • Changes, amendments and termination of the tenancy agreement
  • Painting and cleaning after the rent is over
  • Representing the owner at meetings of the owners association



  • Single: for 1-bedroom apartments (kitchen with appliances, dining table with 2 chairs, TV table, coffee table, sofa, built-in wardrobe, in the living room and hallway, lighting)
  • Double: for 2-bedroom apartments (kitchen with appliances, dining table with 4 chairs, TV table, coffee table, sofa, bed, night stands, built-in wardrobe, in the bedroom and hallway, lighting)
  • Family: for 3-bedroom apartments (kitchen with appliances, dining table with 4 chairs, TV table, coffee table, sofa, bed, night stands, built-in wardrobe, in both bedrooms and hallway, lighting)


  • Tradition: Trusted, experienced and reputable partner. The parent company has been active in Finland for more than 100 years, with activities in 11 European countries and in the Czech Republic in the top 5 developers.
  • YIT Plus: Unique online portal to communicate with neighbours, organize joint events, solve problems in the apartment and house.

  • Locations: Always in the wider city center, with excellent transport links and developed infrastructure. Locations where people have a comfortable living environment.
  • Quality: High quality, natural materials, elegant and functional architecture inspired by the Nordic countries.


  • Our financial advisor will help you arrange a mortgage. 
  • Together, we will choose the best offer for you. 
  • We will arrange all the required documents and submit them.


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