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        We are on the same wave.

        Our new Aalto Cibulka residential project will stand right beside one of the biggest parks in Prague, Vidoule, within a peaceful villa quarter, away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. All apartments come with large terrace or balconies. The apartments on the southern side of the building face into the park, while those on the northern side come with fully-glazed conservatories. The apartments on the ground floor, meanwhile, lead into front gardens. The complex as a whole is like an oasis of peace and quiet, with a relaxation park right in the middle, home to bushes, trees and Finnish ponds. So you are more or less half at home and half in the country all the time.

        The apartment building is shaped like an organic wave, from where the name of the project was taken (“Aalto” is “wave” in Finnish). There are seven overground storeys in central part the residential building, six on the outside. The airy façade is divided into separate sections, meaning that there are seven separate entrances to the building. As for the apartments themselves, they are sized at between 29 and 156 square metres, from one room plus kitchenette to 5 rooms plus kitchenette and penthouses with large terraces.”


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