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Apartments in KOIVU Zličín

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Living in Koivu Zličín

A new project is rising, surrounded by greenery and set into the original setting of old Zličín, a project that satisfies all demands you might have on relaxation and active enjoyment. We are building 11 apartment buildings over two stages, resulting in a total of 164 modern apartments. The new Koivu Zličín residential project is inspired by Nordic architecture, which is characterised by its sense of restraint, its functionality and its clean lines.


The Koivu Zličín residential project sits amidst plenty of greenery, close to two ponds and a birch grove. It is an exceptional place for relaxation, a place in which you can restart yourself every day.


The area in which the project is located is home to all civic amenities you might need and is ideal in terms of accessibility. Basic services, such as post office, kindergarten and primary school, are all available in the surrounding area. And it will only take you five minutes to reach the nearby Metropole Zličín shopping centre by bus.


As the owner of a new apartment in Koivu Zličín, you will have the opportunity to savour the beauties of the countryside around you, enjoying them for your free-time activities. Dolejšák and Hliník ponds are not far from the residential complex, as is a picturesque natural park that is ideal for walks or bike rides.


Consideration for the environment is one of the key elements in our philosophy at YIT. We also respect your budget – energy savings will allow you to save thousands of crowns every year.


We adhere to highly-set environmental standards and care for the surrounding countryside by using renewable resources. We also think about how to use rainwater, which is fed into a storage tank and then used to water the greenery within the complex.

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