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YIT Mortgage for a new apartment

All you need is 10% of your own resources for a new apartment from YIT.

We will arrange the remaining 90% for you at an interest rate of 2.79% and a fixed-rate period of 3-15 years.

Everything in one place

You can arrange a mortgage with us quickly and simply. Thanks to our mortgage consulting, you can save yourself bother with administration and with time spent waiting in banks. Leave the financing of your new apartment up to us and you will have everything you need, all under one roof.

Mortgage without fees

We will prepare a mortgage loan for you free of charge, create estimates for you and arrange everything for you to ensure the smooth financing of your real estate (protocols on status of construction, reservation of financial resources, drawing on application for registration, management of current account, expert opinions). Complete service and help when drawing on the loan without fees.

These conditions are arranged at selected banks and are only for clients of YIT Mortgage.

Just 10% up front

We provide the possibility of financing your property with up to 90% of the mortgage lending value at intriguing interest rates. Thus you will only need 10% of your own funds to conclude a mortgage. If you will not receive the mortgage loan, we guarantee your paid funds will be returned.

All tailored to you

We approach each client individually and try to find a solution that will suit them best. That is why we offer, for example, the possibility to defer payments. Plus, our clients have the opportunity to use discounts on interest rates.

We handle everything for you

We resolve all of the administrative work ourselves on behalf of the client. Thus, you will not have to worry about sending mortgage agreements to Cadastral Office, preparing the estimates or communicating directly with the bank or the developer. We will also take care of the insurance or the building society loan for you.

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