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Advice on selling an old flat


Help with the selection of a new apartment


Change of housing simply and without risk

We will help you with the sale of the original apartment.

We realise that it can be complicated to orient yourself on the real estate market, just like trying to sell your apartment by yourself. So that your existing property is not an obstacle, but rather an opportunity to acquire a better home, we have a solution for you. When choosing a new apartment from YIT, we have arranged services for our clients through an external specialist. He will provide you with free consultation at a personal meeting and you can subsequently use his full services, at a discounted price, to sell current property. This will help you to realise the sale quickly, without worries, and moreover at a good price. All with your cooperation, of course, which is necessary.

The external specialist's comprehensive real estate service at a discounted price includes:

  • the determination of a realistic selling price (using, among other things, price maps)
  • advertising on all major real estate servers
  • the services of a professional photographer (e.g., a 3D layout, video tour of the property)
  • legal services (including the attorney's escrow and proceedings at the real estate cadastre)
  • complete financial consultation for the buyer, so that the transaction takes place as soon as possible
  • regular reporting of on the development of the sale
  • property website - optional service
  • home staging – optional service

Simply everything that is needed for the successful sale of real estate.

Energy prices are rising and housing costs along with them

Living in old and unreconstructed apartments or houses, often uninsulated, entails high heating and maintenance costs.

In contrast, apartments in new buildings are significantly less energy-intensive. In these days of rising expenses, what were previously negligible differences are becoming increasingly more evident.

Value of old apartments is decreasing

Apart from more expensive operations, remaining in an older property also does not make sense in light of the development of the real estate market. With each following year, an old apartment (15 years or more) in an unreconstructed building is less attractive and its selling price is decreasing. In terms of the value and investment potential, new buildings currently surpass them significantly.

Moreover, the prices of new apartments in Prague will certainly not be falling in the near future – this is because of the insufficient supply due, among other things, to lengthy authorisation processes, but also to enormous inflation and the increase in energy, labour and building material costs. Thus, the ideal time to buy a new low-energy apartment is now.

How will your new housing from YIT be better?

In addition to high quality insulation and weather-proofing, you can also save thanks to other technologies, which are usually not offered by older houses. These include, for example:

  • heat recovery (i.e., a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery)
  • Solar panels on roofs (with the installation of a photovoltaic power plant in the VESI Hostivař project, we will save about 8 MWh per year from the distribution system)
  • LED lighting in common areas (this will bring up to 90% savings compared to traditional incandescent lighting)
  • use of rainwater for the watering of greenery (in our projects we install storage tanks with volumes ranging from 9 to 135 m3)

In new buildings, you will also be free of any worries concerning reconstruction. Since the buildings are also under warranty for the first three years, there is minimal use of the repair fund.

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