We’re creating a better place to live

We’re creating a better place to live

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Apartment Search

How can someone so small take up so much space?

At YIT, we fully understand the changes you have to face in the area of housing as parents. Together with your children, you need a larger space that will fully adapt to all your needs in the future. These are exactly the apartments we are building for you: cosy, with plenty of space for your and your children’s privacy, and in locations full of greenery and with good civic amenities, including schools.

How does this wonderful, unexpected love fit into my life?

Have you fallen in love and you, as a couple, are looking for a place to live together that will fully suit all your needs? You can choose such an apartment with us – in popular locations, from which you will be close to entertainment in the centre of Prague, as well as to sports and walks in the surrounding countryside. Thanks to thoughtful designs and high-quality workmanship, you can create the foundation for a new life together in an apartment from our project, where you and your pets will thrive.

Could we downsize to suit our new freedom?

At YIT, we realise how quickly needs change after children embark on their own journey. In this new stage of life, you can choose from our smaller and larger urban apartments located in quiet locations with good transport accessibility and all civic amenities. From here, you will be close to all the services you need. And you can furnish your new home entirely according to your taste and lifestyle.

Could a new home put the finishing touch to my sustainable lifestyle?

Environmental friendliness is one of the key elements of our philosophy. We are building modern apartments to help you express your commitment to sustainable living. During their construction, we implement, for example, elements for capturing rainwater, controlled ventilation systems with recuperation, photovoltaic power plants, recycled concrete and energy-saving LED lighting. You are investing in your future and that of the planet.

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What is it like living with YIT?

"When we found out we were expecting a child, we decided to take Rebeka to our own home. I chose an apartment in KORU Vinohradská very quickly. When we were here for the first tour, we liked it so much that there was nothing left to think about. We decided right then and there. It was actually the first apartment we visited together. And on top of all that, we then learned that we won a voucher to Ikea for 80 thousand crowns because we were YIT’s 2000th client, so that was kind of a cherry on top. We’re absolutely satisfied with YIT. The cooperation was perfect. Maybe the only thing missing here is that we have one empty room, so we hope that we will fill it in the future with one more child.”

- The Stroukals

"When we were looking for space to buy and build our café, we were very glad that we turned to YIT. With its professional approach, YIT helped us make our dreams a reality. What surprised us was that the purchase of this non-residential space was not the end of YIT’s support, but they continue to help us, which is a pleasant change compared to other developers."

- Café Kristy

"When dealing with David, I felt like I wasn’t choosing an apartment, but a partner to cooperate with. This convinced me and my other colleagues that it's the best choice and they keep convincing me of that to this day. And when I entered the apartment in the AALTO Cibulka project for the first time, I knew I was home. I’m extremely satisfied and thank YIT very much.”

- Tomáš

"Hanka, who sold me my apartment, treated me as if I were choosing a palace worth millions. She made time for me at any time and when she couldn’t take my call, she’d call me right back. She took me through the offer of apartments and gave me the feeling that she was only taking care of me. I also appreciated the care of the financial advisor Š. Šánová from Gepard, who arranged a mortgage for me as part of the services from YIT. There was a problem some with a kind of ancient unpaid balance for telephone services, and she did her best to prevent this from affecting the mortgage approval.”

- Barbora