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All you need is 10 % of your resources for a new apartment-type unit from YIT, even in the age category over 36.

We will arrange the remaining 90% for you at an interest rate of 4.99 % and a fixed-rate period of 2 to 3 years.

New project VESI Hostivař now on sale

We built a brand new VESI Hostivař project for you in a quiet and popular Prague residential location full of greenery. The unique locality on the edge of the natural Hostivař-Záběhlice Park will turn your dream of living in nature while having all the advantages of city living within reach into reality.

Five four-to-five-storey buildings are offering housing in 208 apartment-type units with layouts of from one to four rooms with kitchenettes and sizes ranging from 27 m² to 115 m². There will be yards and, on the upper storeys, terraces or balconies.

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Hostivař - modern and comfortable living right by a forest

A green complex for satisfied life

The VESI Hostivař complex will provide its residents with maximum privacy and security with a central reception and a camera system. The project will also include park areas with an abundance of greenery, sidewalks with benches to relax on and a promenade along the Košíkovský Stream. In the interests of environmental friendliness, the rainwater from accumulation tanks will be used preferentially for watering. A photovoltaic power plant will cover part of the consumption of electricity in the common spaces. On the underground level, you will find cellar stalls, a stroller room and rooms for washing bikes and dogs.

The metro, shops and services - all with easy reach

The VESI Hostivař project is going up just a few minutes away by bus from some metro stations, between the city districts of Chodov and Hostivař, which provide good access to the city centre along with complete civic facilities. Thus, there are a multitude of schools, shopping and entertainment opportunities, services, and restaurants in the vicinity, such as the nearby Westfield and Vivo shopping centres in Chodov and Hostivař, respectively. Families with children will appreciate the several playgrounds and the nearby Toulcův dvůr with a preschool and a centre of ecological education and a wide range of natural points of interest. Sports activities can be enjoyed at the outdoor exercise area or at the Jedenáctka complex with a swimming pool and multifunctional hall, just a 5-minute drive away.

Nature just outside the windows

Hostivař has become a popular location for recreation. which you will be get your fill of thanks to the project being located close to the Hostivař Reservoir and Forest Park. A pleasant trip can be made to the village conservation zone of Stará Hostivař, while children can have fun in the Wild Garden with a small zoo or on the unique tactile trail for barefoot walking. You can also discover the magic of nature on the Povodí Botič nature trail.

Interesting historical facts

The first mention of Hostivař, at the time still a village in the northern Botič Valley, comes from Cosmas’ Chronicle in the 11th century. The neighbourhood likely got its name from the local resident Hostivar, who either got this nickname because he cooked for his guests or he warned them against danger.

With few exceptions, the original buildings, including the largest estates, were demolished in the 1970s, leaving behind more or less only smaller homes and cottages. The area of old Stará Hostivař became a village conservation zone in 1993.

Project details

What are apartment-style units?

There is almost no difference between the apartment-type units in the VESI Hostivař project when compared to standard apartments from them (thus they are not commercial or office spaces). You purchase the unit, which fulfils all hygienic standards, for your personal ownership. You can take out a mortgage for your chosen unit, just like with classic apartments. Nor is there a problem with the application for the collection of utilities, which you conclude on the household. If you have any other questions with regard to the apartment units, we would be glad to answer them.

Photovoltaic power plant

Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of building E, of our project VESI Hostivař, the apartment complex will gain electricity, which will be used to illuminate common areas and for ventilation. Photovoltaic panels will be placed on the roof of building E with an ideal orientation and slope. By installing a PV plant, we will achieve production of approximately 8 MWh per year and also reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 5 tonnes per year.


VESI Hostivař offers units in layouts from 1+kk to 4+kk and an area from 27 m² to 115 m². Most of the apartment-type units have a private balcony, terrace or front garden. Thoughtful layout and clean Finnish design are a matter of course.  As a bonus for you, we have moving free of charge.


        Favourable Mortgage

        We are making housing more affordable. That’s why we have prepared for you a possibility to select a mortgage with only 10% deposit of your own sources, the remaining 90 % of a loan will be granted by a bank. We have individual approach, your mortgage will be thus tailored by our specialists who will deal with all the administration for you as well. Everything free of charge.


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