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New apartments for sale in HAPPI Milánská

In Horní Měcholupy, there will be 72 new high-quality low-energy apartments in the Finnish style going up. You can choose from a wide assortment of units with layouts of from one to four rooms with kitchenettes and areas up to 99 m². There will, of course, be an abundance of cellar stalls or rooms, a pram room, an area for washing bicycles and dogs and planned community terrace on the 6th story. You will also find lots of greenery in a quiet inner courtyard as well as in the form of climbing plants on the building façade.

Three commercial spaces suitable for small shops and services will be part of the project, one of which with a terrace on the street level of the building.

The building will be built with the use of a modern technology called prefabrication, which makes the construction faster and more efficient. All the load-bearing vertical and horizontal structures (i.e., all the walls, except for the partitions and retention walls, ceiling structures, balconies, gallery) will be made of prefabricated concrete panels, as will the bathrooms. The result will be precise workmanship, higher quality and shorter construction times and you will be able to move into your new home earlier.

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Horní Měcholupy

Location and civil amenities

Prague 15 offers its inhabitants excellent civic amenities. You will find preschools and elementary schools in the vicinity, along with grocery stores, breweries and restaurants where you can relax after work. You will also be close to the local authorities; the Prague 15 City Hall is right across the street from the project, together with the local Labour Office, Trade Office and city police. Traffic connections to the city centre are provided by a bus stop right in front of the building with routes leading to the metro and train station with is about a 15-minute walk away. If you would like to head out for a bigger shopping trip, then you can be at the VIVO! Hostivař Retail Park or Europark Štěrboholy and Westfield Chodov shopping centres in a few short minutes by car.


Athletes will find, for example, a street workout yard or tennis courts and halls in the area. Golf lovers will appreciate the nearby Golf Club Hostivař. The nearby Hostivař reservoir with its adjacent forest park and Botič – Milíčov nature park, which is ideal for family walks, swimming and sports activities, is a huge attraction. Children will be able to look forward to the playground, swimming school and Krtkův svět fun park in the neighbourhood. And you can head out to the largest Czech water park in Čestlice, just 15 minutes away, for relaxation and entertainment all rolled into one.

Interesting historical facts

The name Měcholupy allegedly comes from highway robbers, known as měchů. Horní Měcholupy was founded on an ancient trade route in the site of deep forests, where the travellers were often attacked and their belongings stolen.

Milánská Street was created in 1980 and until 1993 was comprised of four separate streets, which bore the names of important communists until that time. In the 1990s the streets in the area were named after Italian cities, thus the new street was named after the Northern Italian city of Milan.

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