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For each apartment 5+kk financial bonus CZK 400,000.

Ranta Barrandov - a new place to live at a good address

We are building the new Ranta Barrandov residential complex for you in the beautiful environment of Prague - Barrandov. It will be going up over two phases, each including four buildings inspired by the best Scandinavian architecture has to offer. Thus, altogether we will be building eight four- to eight-storey buildings with 259 low-energy apartments in the Finnish style. When planning the residential project, we thought about everything that is associated with modern living.

You will find a diverse composition of various-sized apartments, all with a well-designed layout, quality workmanship and (primarily natural) materials and a wealth of standard fittings to choose from. The greenery and nice views to the surroundings are a matter of course, because they all have a terrace, balcony or yard. These face the private green inner courtyard, where your children can safely play and you can enjoy some quiet relaxation. There are two underground levels with an abundance of parking spots and cellars. There is also a pram room and a place where you can wash your dog or your bike.

Sport / Water park
Sport / Water park

Water park and sport centre

For kids
For kids

Schools, Kinder-gardens and playgrounds

Nature within reach
Nature within reach

Prokop valley nearby

Efficient solution
Efficient solution

Energy performance of building B



Barrandov in Prague 5 is a very popular residential neighbourhood. And it’s no wonder! It offers everything you need for comfortable living. First of all, excellent transportation thanks to the tram and bus lines connected to the metro. Whether you go by car or by mass transit, you will get to the city centre quickly and easily.


The rich local amenities include schools, preschools, playgrounds, outdoor exercise facilities, a library, medical centre and veterinary. The local water park and tennis hall should also be joined by a multifunctional sports centre with a climbing wall and new supermarket. Plus, there are several shops and services in the vicinity. What’s more, we will be expanding these with 17 commercial units in our project.

Leisure time

And that’s not all! Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Then an apartment in Barrandov is just what you’re looking for. Just walk a few minutes or step on your pedals and you will reach the Prokop and Dalej valleys with wonderful nature, a lake and educational trails. Walking or biking in the opposite direction will lead you among the trees of the Chuchle Grove, where enthusiastic children will also find a Mini Zoo.

Apartment standards

In order for you to truly feel at home in your new apartment, you can choose from various types of materials and colours and thus decide for yourself how the floor coverings, tiles and interior doors will appear. In our online configuration application you can also see how your choices will look, including deluxe materials and other apartment fittings.

Would you like to get a better idea about life in the project even before the buildings go up? Then in the YIT offices we have a tour of the selected apartment in the Ranta Barrandov complex prepared in virtual reality. We will lend you special goggles and they will transport you right into the living room or bathroom. You can take your time and walk through the entire apartment, get an idea about the sizes of the individual rooms or about how the views from the windows look. And you can tour the apartment either unfurnished or choose various types of materials and fittings for it.

Ranta Barrandov also offers its occupants a smart home concept that ensures a pleasant and comfortable place to live. The apartment building is equipped with modern technologies, where the household operations are controlled by a smart multifunctional system that makes life easier and saves money since it also includes easy-to-use energy monitoring. Several conveniences await the residents. In the winter season you will definitely appreciate the intelligent regulation of the heating. With the Smart VeoLg control unit from our partner company VEOLIA, you can communicate through a smart phone or computer and set and control the heating remotely. You can also manage the ventilation just as easily, just like the air conditioning in apartments equipped with it. And in the Ranta Barrandov project, you get the smart home components as part of the standard fittings.

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Favourable Mortgage

We are making housing more affordable. That’s why we have prepared for you a possibility to select a mortgage with only 10% deposit of your own sources, the remaining 90 % of a loan will be granted by a bank. We have individual approach, your mortgage will be thus tailored by our specialists who will deal with all the administration for you as well. Everything free of charge.

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